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This is our news page, the most regularly updated section of the site, and written by Wdi. Aim to come back here as often as you can :). We aim to include anything of topical or current worth, and event information - such as bash reports. Oh, and don't forget to look at everything else on the site - you could even write to us if you have time...


Friday 3rd September 1999

2nd September Bash Report

I thought that this was a really eventful mobiles bash. Vulnax disagrees :-)!

Negatory the sorcerer generaled the 30+ players attending and got things off to a worryingly slow start. Worrying for Negatory - he was worried :-).

A few mobiles got poked. A bird lost a couple of feathers. Meanwhile there were shouts telling of certain players' theivery and evil deeds. Inivisbility was banned by the Powers That Be, much to the upset of a certain high-level player (Sameagle the mage) hiding below the monastery (Sameagle, incidentally, managed to get himself beaten up by a mobile he summoned himself later on...).

The SV count tracked the reset minute counter for much of the first half of the competition. Negatory ordered a full assault on the kingdom of the dwarfs and this helped immensely - the survivor count dropped spectacularly. Time also ticked and tocked away, leaving us with 25 mobiles to kill in the last 50 minutes, which Negatory must have been pretty pleased with. Unfortunately, he managed to get himself killed by 6 apes and a swordsman shortly after the FYI, which upset quite a few people (Negatory included).

While all this was going on, Karnij had been stockpiling sand in the woodsmans hut. Mmm. Lots and lots of sand - 144 individual dumps I counted at one point. A risky business, sand collection is. One never knows when sand might suddenly gain an awareness of its surroundings and start to do sinister and posessive [ :-) ] things. After Karnij had finished his little 'desert' the mounds of sand acquired a collective conciousness and immediately started to plot to take over the known universe and then some. The wizzes present decided to put a stop to this: Cat quickly cornered off the ENTIRE HUT AREA whilst Antman dutifully scooped up sand with his teaspoon to deposit somewhere safer. Sources suggest that Cat later nuked the area, or something wizardly similar to the same effect.

We came to 15sv/37mins and the killing picked up pace. Multiple simultaneous offings by various organised killing teams brought the SV count even more sharply. Supernova did a very late kill of the mighty dragon, leaving only the pagoda and a few other smaller areas infested with mobiles. These mobiles were killed, except for the mongoose, which a tired and sleepy pagoda team got around to killing eventually, only to find that some crazy frood had summoned five mobiles from the afterlife. They were assaulted and killed. Maybe the fool that summoned them was too. I hope so :-).

The last mobile to die was the dwarf37.

(Persona saved on +3000 = 204, 799)

or in the case of Sameagle the bash-attending mage

You have lost a hell of a load of points this game.
Go and do something else.
Option (H for help)...

Tuesday 31st August 1999


Cat has uploaded a new HTMLised document on 'self defence' by someone called Tribalomen to his site. I found it to be a very amusing work, especially as the author starts out with the premise of helping out-of-luck lowlifes with his new way of play before descending into promoting all out stealing and killing. Excellent!


For those of us <cough> who weren't aware of the existence of Tobias's excellent unofficial MUD2.com site, here is the address: http://www.qtq.org/mud2/now/

Monday 30th August 1999


26th August Bash Report

The bash began with a very long and drawn-out voting session with the eventual election of Jaster as our leader for the evening. Foz was his brightly prefixed second in command. There was much killing from the start.

Following the strange disappearance of one of the high-level players present, Sameagle the warlock, an unrelated shouting match erupted over the player killing 'status' of the event. Some players wanted to know if player killing was disallowed during this bash, as it was last week. Hmm. This stopped after a few shouts of "No", "Pking is allowed" and "%$& you, you #&*$*ing ^%&#$$@*" from the wizzes present. Maybe :-).

Fifty mobiles were alive when sixty-three minutes of normal play remained. Stuff was done, including the keep with strangely small number of crows requiring punishment. The SV status dropped to twenty-five mobiles to be killed in forty-four minutes, but not before Bulykiller got seriously upset following his death: "DEAD AS A DODO"... Deacon the prelate also died, to a mobile.

There were ten to kill in twenty-five minutes at the end, and, cleverly, we killed them all, though quite slowly and with a lot of 'ums' and 'ahs'. The prize was dealt out by the continuum with four minutes left.

A mortal reset walked along the beach, but was not wanted.


In other news, Joey's Fan Club now has two new members!

Saturday 21st August 1999

19th August Bash Report

This was another successful mobile bash. That's two successes in a row now, following the two failures previous, one of which was under the command of Alberty, who generalled this one.

The bash was attended by the wizzes, Cat, Lexley and Gandalf, and player killing was banned for the length of the reset. Anyone who player killed (or attacked another player at all, some have said) was to be FODded.

Victory was acheived with thirty-five minutes left on the clock. A mortal reset was attempted (by Bashfull), but failed.

Monday 16th August 1999


12th August Celebrity Bash Report, with Gdn

Well, this week's bash started off again with the usual argument as to who would lead the free peoples' assault against the evil denizens of The Land, and the resulting titles of bash-general and deputy bash-general were given to Bashfull and Cora respectively. With that decided, the fun began and things got off to a surprisingly good start. There was the usual spattering of high and lowlife, the former of which quickly got to work dispatching of the small and harmless of The Land's beasties, leaving all the super-hard mobiles to the yeopersons and warriors, who were startlingly unrivalled in their bravery and cold-blooded determination. Oh, and stupidity, too.

Despite all this though, it came to a point where we thought we might finish the bash with 40 or more minutes to spare, and some of the more optimistic among the players had already begun their victory chants. This proved to be an almost fatal error. You see, the highlife had killed the easy mobiles, causing the survivor count to plummet extremely rapidly.

The lowlife were under the ridiculous impression, as they usual are, that the highlife were hard, tough and fearless, and that they had gone after all the aforementioned mean and nasties, when in fact they were all sat in their safe, warm hidy-holes eating crumpets. The bash came to a standstill. All was silent and nothing stirred. The dark things lay undisturbed in their evil chambers, and no one made move to redouble the asault. The general's orders were being ignored by all exept the brave lowlife souls, who began forming into attack parties. For a moment, this seemed like it might work, but when it was discovered that these stalwart regiments didn't know where they were supposed to go or what they were supposed to do, people began to panic.

And wreaking havoc throughout this whole affair were two souls whose hearts were as black as the night. They had forged some dark alliance in secret, and pounced upon all who were poorly equipped with deadly precision. Their very names induced fear in everyone except the most well prepared, and the knelling of bells could be heard long and loud over The Land. Joey and Wizbasher, as they were named, were killing without remorse. Blood began to boil and anger was aroused in every good heart, and soon they began once again to pour in wrath upon the mobiles.

Then a terrible scream was heard. It seemed that some had reached the drier part of swamp before the 'Joey', and he cursed them. Hearts were suddenly uplifted, and the survivor count began to plummet once more. Everyone cheered with glee as the feeling of evil fled The Land, but they had little time to indulge in mirth. Little more than 40 seconds later, the reset happened.

Yep, it sure was a close one this week. But good prevailed, and evil quailed as they say.

In memory of the fallen:

Archangel the Necromancer killed by Joey the Sorcerer and Wizbasher the Warlock
Maud the Sorceress killed by Joey the Sorcerer and Wizbasher the Warlock
Undertaker the Necromancer killed by Joey the Necromancer and Wizbasher the Warlock
Gutbucket the Necromancer killed by Joey the Necromancer and Wizbasher the Warlock
Illistrylr the Necromancer killed by Joey the Necromancer and Wizbasher the Warlock

Oh, and thanks for the crown, Joey :).


One pair of solar shades. Almost brand new.
2.19 or will swap for lit brand. Apply within.

Friday 6th August 1999

5th August Bash Report

For the second time in two attempts the Thursday mobile bash has failed.

It is not yet known why this has happened.

I blame television.

Sunday 1st August 1999


The third issue of Lexley's fantastic Witch? webzine has been released, and is available at is http://www.lexley.freeserve.co.uk/witch/issue3/witch.htm. In this issue: morals for mortals, wiz names and what they 'mean', m... ma... controversial gameplay aids and a collection of automobiles personified... Or is it the other way around? This is all in addition to the usual columns and articles. Read it now.
Meanwhile... Cat? Mermaids? A gazelle? Yes:

Friday 30th July 1999


30th July Bash Report

From the moment Albert the necromancer was voted in as bash general the bash he started leading well, albeit in a very bossy manner ("I'll do the keep later! Leave me alone!!" - Anonymous). The first minute or so had been slow, but Albert sorted it out and mobiles were slaughtered left, right and centre, with Albert taking an active role in many of the killing expeditions... :-)

Despite a little messing about by some players, we managed to speed up further and reached the 50 SV mark with sixty-six minutes remaining. The apes were still alive, however, and Albert organised another small team to go and off them. And he managed to get himself killed in the process...

Albert's death sent a biggger shockwave through the rest of the players than I would have normally expected, and many went to pieces ... :-) Anyway, Albert spent the rest of the bash without magic, being a lowly non-muser. As we approached the last part of the reset, identification of the remaining mobiles started to take place. Unfortunately, somebody realised that a certain player was carrying a particular helpless permanently critical (stamina-wise) mobile, thus causing a totally unnecessary mass panic...

Listen up: this is a hypothetical situation involving three players. Two are highly kitted with axes and the other has only a box or such and the hedgehog. Left in The Land are two mobiles: the weak, powerless, decrepid, feeble hh, as mentioned, and the super mouse56. The mouse56 can only be killed by two players attacking it with ax-class weapons, which the first two players have. So, both mobiles need to be killed to score everyone the 3k bonus. What happens next? Do the first two players attack the mouse56 and let the third player take a few moments to 'finish' with the hedgehog? No - they drop all their kit, pull their own eyes out and run around on the spot screaming like headless chickens at the hh-carrying player... And the moral? Oil of U... No, wait: kill the mouse56 on... Hang on - bash report!

The bash was starting to look, um, dodgy. The basilisk and a few other mobiles were put out of action, but identification failures meant three mobiles were still around when the auto-reset tripped, giving us around 350 seconds to clear everything up. The skeleton0 was found and bashed, but the last two mobiles stumped everyone (including, quite amazingly, Undertaker the Great :-) ). With only 100 seconds left, Cat the mighty cheshire wizard took pity on the mortals present and decided to reveal the indentities of the mobiles. They were the lynx and the mermaid. The lynx was found and attacked almost immediately, but ran away, and the weather meant that mermaid killing could not even be attempted. Both mobiles were still alive when the reset happened.

Albert has exclusively revealed to Muddy that he had been informed by someone under his command that all the sea creatures had been put to death during the bash. Apparently, this was not the case. All this does not look good for old Albert, who really did quite well, and doesn't deserve a bash record of 0% success. :-)


Even more photographs from the Dublin MUDmeet are online, this time courtesy of Foddy the arch-wizard - accessible at http://www.duff.org/mudmeet/1999/. Each photo has its own thumbnail, time stamp and comment by Foddy... Basically everyone seems very cheerful indeed :-)! And, apparently, the next MUDmeet is to be in Wales!

Wednesday 28th July 1999


Woh there! Muddy has just become aware of another set of photographs from the Dublin meet, taken by Richard, and available on his website at http://www.mud.co.uk/richard/mmjul99.htm.

They are worth looking at even if only to see the cat99b.jpg image... And I thought Foddy looked cool!


Tuesday 27th July 1999


Cat the wizard has uploaded a gallery of scanned photographs of the Dublin Mudmeet (which, if you wanted to go to, you have missed) to his website for your viewing pleasure/discomfort. Peeps to especially look out for are Karya (drunk), Droo (drunk) and Foddy (also drunk)... The image labelled "Foddy, drunk", well... <smirk> do you trust this man to be your arch-wizard? :-) He does make up for it, though, with a dangerously cool picture at the bottom of the list...

Gdn and Joey would like to apologise for not attending the meet when they originally said that they would. This is due to both players forgetting about their pre-booked holidays... Hmm, yes. As for myself, well, do you think I'm letting Cat take photographs of me?! Ah ha ha!

Friday 23rd July 1999

Possibly to compete with Thebeast, Rocko has released a (mostly newbie-oriented) website of his own onto this unsuspecting planet. Rocko gives quite a good introduction to the game, with a few tips, and also offers the tale of his first game in addition to an on-going story involving himself and, well, his sick mind (and his atroshush speling).

Address: http://www.webmaker.demon.co.uk/

Friday 23rd July 1999


Yesterday evening's Mortal VS Immortal sorcerer war was an outstanding victory for the as yet undefeated mortal team!

Led by Wdi and Prodigy playing as Wodow and Morgoth respectively, the mortal team dominated the competition from the very beginning and was able to overcome the the massed forces of the wizard and witch team with a restrained but relaxed ease, losing only four sorcerers whilst crushing the seven members of the wiz team.

This was all due to the rediculous advantage the mortal team had over the wiz team. :-)

There were only seven on the wiz team and over thirty on the mortal team. Still...

The games began with what has been described as 'a small army' of mortals collecting in the tearoom - the cantankerous rabble ensured that the usual chaos ensued :-). Tactics were discussed, rather loudly, until eventually Foddy the arch-wizard came in to calm the blood-thirsty players and bestow level seven magic on the players. Umbrarg the wizard tried to explain the rules, but most people chose to play with the skeleton instead.

And suddenly, it began.

There were to be four minutes of play when fighting was to be banned, allowing players to kit up. Each individual scrambled for a chosen weapon, with some going to greater amounts of kit (Morgoth acquired most of The Land's wafers, though apparently he lost these later on). Whilst the clumsy and stupid mortals bashed into walls and fell over tree stumps, the (specially prefixed) wizzes speeded about setting up a small hidden base...

The fighting ban was lifted. Evidently, Halflife the sorcerised sorcerer couldn't take the pressure - he FODded himself immediately. The mortals began to dash around and frantically gesture spells of location to pin-point the position of the wizzes. As it became clear that the wizzes had set up a base in the caves near the underground river, fights broke out on the surface. Sleepy the wizzy sorcerer (wiz team...) popped his clogs first, sending shockwaves through The Land. Tinhead got overexcited, and died next to a small group of wizzes.

Reconnaissance operations ordered by the mortal team leaders soon discovered that the wizzes had baracaded the entrance to their underground base and had cleverly captured and stored the materials that could be used to destroy it. On the mortal side, Phleet and others tried to find a way to remove the baracade. Meanwhile, the wizzes attempted summoning key members of the opposing side to their base whilst sending out small groups to the surface to pick off individual mortals. Unfortunately, this did not go well, with Piedpiper (wiz) dieing to two apes followed by Mickymouse (wiz) to three mortals in the maze of hedges.

Snowwhite (wiz) was next to die. At this point, it looked as though the mortals might win... :-) Though managing to take out Fatty of the mortal team, Cinderella (wiz) ran into a band of mortals on the road. Frogprince (wiz) quickly came to her aid, and together they caused some of the mortals to flee (including Wodow, who resited only to be attacked by Aladdin (wiz), forcing him to 'f o. qq' qq... Mmm... Crumbs). With a steady stream of mortals joining the fight at the road, Cinderella and Frogprince were doomed, and both died, leaving only Aladdin to kill the entire mortal army. And he did..! ... Aladdin died to Reno, Fodwizer, Phleet, Atlast and Fluffvii. :-)

So the mortals won...

A 3k prize was given to each surviving player on the mortal team who had killed a wiz. Reno won an extra prize for getting the most kills. The reset ended with players discussing possible ways to make the competition fairer and wizzes revealing who they had played as.

Monday 19th July 1999

You may have seen a new player known as Thebeast in the game recently. He has put together a website chronicling his exploits as a MUD2 newbie, which you may be interested in reading (I think he wants everyone to :-) ).

Address: http://members.xoom.com/tmwrnjudy/

This Morning with Richard Not Judy? Um...

If you happen to read this, Thebeast, you might like to know that the 150 points bonus comes from the other players having killed lots of mobiles...

Friday 16th July 1999


A sorcerer war in which the wizzes will take on the mortals has been announced for Thursday 22nd July to replace the usual mobile bash event.

The competition will run in the same way as a normal sorcerer war, except that there will be two teams: a mortal team and a wiz team. The object of the competition is, as you might expect, for one team to obliterate the other! Just so all you maniacs out there understand this concept, let me make it clear: you only attack members of the opposing team. :-)

A new scratch novice persona with zero points will be required to participate and there will be 3000 point prizes for survivors on the winning team and an extra prize for the mortal with the most kills.

Leading the mortal team will be Wdi and Prodigy.
Leading the wiz team will be ... an immortal, I imagine.

May the best team win!

I would like to make it clear that I am not being at all biased when I say this, as I fully believe that the winning side will have truly earned its useful points prize. :-)


Thursday 15th Bash Report

For the first time in almost a year, Fleet the funky has again, as bash general, narrowly escaped leading the players to failure.

Under Fleet's leadership, the bash started slowly, got slightly slower then, suddenly and without reason, decreased in speed. From the beginning it took a long time to reach the 100 surviving mobiles mark, and this trend was continued with the the milestones which followed. However, despite the slow tempo, the mobiles around The Land were gradually culled by the skilled players and we eventually rose victoriously. The skelton0, the jellyfish, a shark and one of the fireflies were the last mobiles to be killed. The skelton0 fell down the chute to the goblin realm and was chased around by players before Aristocrat decided to summon it without telling anyone... Also, Dukenukem seemed to be trying to damage the bash by holding the firefly hostage on the ladder in the hut. What a strange fellow. As I said, we won anyway.

Unfortunately, some felt the need to give their lives to the cause, notably Aoide (to the giant snake), Catdog and Olababal (who actually died to an invis killer) and Steroid (who died to a failed FOD of Aristocrat...). Um...

Tuesday 13th July 1999


This is really, really great...

We have not one, not two, not three, but two interviews with the the world's greatest non-Bartle arch-wizards ever to grace our humble multiverse: Foddy and Kyric.

Or Kyric and Foddy. :-)

The interview with Foddy the arch-wizard was conducted by Gdn and myself on 6th June of this year and appears as an edited game log, whilst the interview with Kyric the arch-wizard was conducted by an anonymous third party in 1998 and appears in the form of a article on Kyric and MUD2 itself.

Both appear in the People section.

Saturday 10th July 1999


8th July Celebrity Bash Report, with Rocko

Let me tell you this tale of a bash yet unsung.
How the mighty did fight to survive and hang on.
A general named Foz stepped up to take charge.
What remains of the dragon is just one shis kebab.

Twas the reset before the bash, and all through the (Victorian style tea room) house,
Not a creature was stirring, except for the mouse.
(and the dragon and the dwarfs and the ..............).

We entered The Land, we were strong we were ready,
Our feet on the ground they stood firm, they stood steady.

Off to kill dwarfs, that was my way,
Others did join me, we were ready to slay.

On to battle I led them, all eager to please,
They all fought bravely: my mind was at ease.

The first few were easy, the eagle now dead.
We rested a while, without us a bed.

Foz was in charge all over The Land,
But the dwarfs were mine, my revenge soon at hand.

He had done a good job, with many now gone,
Their numbers still drop as I sing this song.

We strolled through the gateway, which had opened with ease,
Now to the door, but who has the keys?

We looked all around, but no keys we did hold,
So we set it alight. Now we aren't cold!

Inside was lit up, I was glowing with glee,
Or was it the spell, Cora had put on me?

We traipsed all around, and killed old and young,
More will soon die before the end song is sung.

Then shock of all horrors my screen doth go blank.
Life is now over my heart truly sank.

I replaced the plug and reentered the land,
The group I rejoined, the fight still at hand.

Once more I did lead them, to battle we did stride,
We killed us the king, and the queen by his side.

The thickest of all, was the lastest to die,
The treasure they held, would now be our prize.

When all dwarfs were killed, we rejoined the fight,
There's more to be slayed, and to kill them tonight.

56 with 61, then 41 with 52,
Their numbers were dropping, time stood nearly still.

When only 8 left, we had plenty of time,
25 minutes - "Oh we will be fine!"

The killing had stooped, but more were alive,
If they didn't die soon, then in glory they'll thrive.

Back to the killing and two more did die,
They went to that place, so high in the sky.

First was the piglet, then the zombie,
The bird did soon follow, we ate it for tea.

The zombie and basilisk, now only one.
We massed at the paddock, soon there'd be none.

With many others, all following me,
I attacked the spider (it filled me with glee).

The spider now dead and the points truly gained,
one obit in the list, "fastfeet" - what a shame...

With these new found points a new level for me,
a champion I am, a sorcerer maybe?

The vamp went first, his life taken away,
I went second, mine too sad to say.

The tale I've now told and this bash truly sung,
How the mighty did fight to survive and hang on,
How a general named Foz had stepped up to take charge,
What remained of the dragon was ust one shis keba(r)b.

Yours Really Rhythmically,

(nice bit of alliteration there :-) )

NOTE: During the WHOLE bash, I did not see one order shouted out by Foz, but he assured me he did ask people to do things quietly and I have no reason to doubt him. Perhaps this is a good tactic.

I would like to point out that at one point when things started to slow considerably, someone did start to shout out "why did we have Foz as general" and I would like to say that you shouldn't blame a bash failing (which in this case it did not) on the general at anytime, especially DURING the bash. It puts concern into others, and distracts from the prime task, that is, to kill the mobiles. If things slow down, GO AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Don't sit back and make the general do all the work, help out by finding out what is alive and go out and killing it.

Oh and before Wdi decides to put ANOTHER note at the bottom of this I'll say it for him. Muddy does not necessarily agree with the views stated by Rocko, blah blah blah, yarder yarder yarder.

P.S. Rocko withholds the right to make any spelling mistakes he feels necessary, or put in by mistake, be they edited out or added to by Wdi or not, as with this last bit...

Wednesday 7th July 1999


I don't know how he did it, but he did it all the same!

Gandalf the mage, a long-time wizrunner, has finally gone on to become a wizard of Wireplay MUD2.

Congratulations to him!

Friday 2nd July 1999

1st July Bash Report

Mobile bashes with large numbers of players present have now become the norm. Yesterday's bash started with less than thirty players, but after ten minutes into the competition there were over thirty-five peeps playing.

Foz was elected as general, his nearest rival being SPA! with a very close number of votes. Foz led competently and quite enthusiasticly. In fact, I felt this to be the general, um, tone of the whole bash. Though players were mainly doing their own thing, they were doing it successfully and were not, seemingly, being complacent. Excellent work :-). The result of this was a permanently falling SV count, with the harder, stronger and more inaccessible mobiles dropping dead along with the mouse and friends. Lots of killing, all against the backdrop of what seemed to be an immortal prefix party... :-)

In the second half of the reset, the players started to organise themselves even more and the survivor count took even greater plunges: with fifty minutes left, seventeen mobiles remained. A skeleton was summoned to the rapids.

Quite amazingly, only four mobiles were left when there was still thity-seven minutes on the reset clock! These were: the hh, the mnogoose, the phoenix and... the other one. Damn. Anyway, they all died their individual deaths and we won. :-)

A mortal reset was attempted but failed.

Monday 21st June 1999


In an odd turn of events, Cat the wizard has requested that his review of the CTF sorcerer war be published here. :-)

Capture the Flag (24 June 1999)

The Start

Flooding like a torrential army, the horde pours in through the doors of the tearoom, bursting and crashing down like a breaking wave onto chairs, stools and table tops.

The press of anticipation and power in that tiny space can have odd effects...time pauses. Stare around you, at the mighty heroes and the eager evildoers, watch them caught in mid sentence, hanging in mid air as they walk across the room. (Imagine them all as one muttering to themselves in their secret hearts %&{"*! L&G!). However lowly you may be; relish the thought of Wizzes trapped like insects in amber; powerful as they are(g).

Snap, time returns.

Some less than courteous people run onwards, throwing themselves with abandon out into The Land. But the eagle eyes of witches cannot be deceived, and Karya sets her demons to work retrieving them. Each selects its victim, piercing the mortal with a claw through the vital parts and dragging them shrieking back to where they belong.

In the skies above, the Wizzes sense the ether twisting as one of their number bends it to his will. The setting for a war has been constructed, the warriors are present - let the games begin!

The Game

I hope you enjoyed it! Capture the Flag for Mud involved the players being divided into two teams, each possessing a tower and a flag. Every team member was turned into a sorceror for the event, and if they died they were brought back to life to continue. The aim was to steal the enemy team's flag and bring it back to the top of your own tower to score a point. The team with the most points at the end was the red team with (cough) a score of 9-1 against blue.

Maelstrom and Karya did a great deal of work putting players back into the game who had died, so many thanks to them!

I spent most of the game sitting on the blue tower keeping track of the flags and dealing with questions, and watching the blue flag come and go and go and go... :) The best incident I saw myself was when Hencey the red spellbinder got into the blue Treasury, picked up the blue flag and was then stuck in there for about 10 minutes until some of the rest of his team came to rescue him.

At the end there had been 43 deaths, with an additional 19 deaths by fod, and there were easily 8 times as many fights as deaths! At peak I think there were about 43 players on, though not all were taking part in the event.

For the Future

It did go well, but if it is to happen again I'd like to see it go more smoothly at the start - with some quick way of sorting out the teams as some people got rather impatient, (and a way which leads to having balanced sides!). I did select people randomly at the start, but when it came to dishing out the 3000 points to each of the winners I found that I recognised most of the red team as being pretty decent players (sob). It also involved a hell of a lot of wiz effort - though as with bashes when people are familiar with the idea less help will be needed.

So, if you have suggestions let me (Cat) know please! My email address is europe@netcomuk.co.uk

Monday 21st June 1999


Sorcerer wars are great. I think everyone likes Sorcerer wars.

Run by Karya, Saturday's sorcerer war was attended by over thirty players, who all entered the reset of the competition as novice personae to be sorcerised by the witch's magic. The names chosen, as usual, were decidedly strange - most players seem to pick their names so that no-one knows who they are...

Teaming was banned and the lag was nasty, and as players dived through, around and past the tearoom skeleton0 they flew across the portal and into The Land! Of course, some went straight for the wafers, only to eat them moments later. The players who had plans grabbed what kit they could and found as secure a hiding place as possible to sleep in later on... There was to be only twenty minutes of re-sorcerisation time for players to come back in following deaths. This must have been quite useful for Orion, Hienrich and Apkthree, all who took a fair few tumbles in the starting stages. Orion was especially, um, helpful to those looking for easy kills :-). Hence died to the Dragon's breath...

... and shortly afterwards the time ran out! No more resurrections were to take place - the crowd went mad and started to throw themselves on their own swords (technically, this is a lie).

From the beginning, Notachance the sorcerised sorcerer dominated the competition, amassing a large number of kills through sniping weak players. Fighting continued, and, by the time when only sixty-four minutes of the reset were left, Notachance continued to remain far in the lead with Hence, Tenthead and Tao battling for the places below. Tao died.

The stragglers dropped out and it came down to the last ten! Remaining were: Hence the sorcerer, Fruity the sorceress, Blobby the sorcerer, Pepper the superheroine (<giggle>), Critic the sorcerer, Notachance the necromancer (!), Zarniwoop the sorcerer, Timurlane the spellbinder, Python the sorcerer and Tenthead the sorcerer. The play from the point where only these players were left was both cautious and calculated. Each knew what they had to do to win, and how they could stop from dying. But die they did!

First to drop out was Fruity (to Hence, who eventually followed Notachance to necro). Then came Pepper, rather sadly. Next to drop out was Critic who, rather than die, 'decided' to flee from Zarniwoop and ... quit! Sources suggest that Wdi was not pleased by this stupid move :-).

Tenthead was doing well, but he fell apart at the hands of Notachance (synned as 'nac'), further distancing him from Hence, who both was in second place and died next (to Timurlane)... Zarniwoop was playing efficiently and carefully, but Notachance managed to kill him minutes after Hence's death. Then there was lots and lots of hiding...

So Karya moved the last three players to Dragon's Island - with the Dragon still alive :-). A large fight immediately broke out between Notachance, Python and Timurlane (the last remaining players). Python fled early, and the Dragon walked into the fight, attacking Notachance before he was able to finish Timurlane. Timurlane passed on to Notachance, who was then in turn killed by the Dragon! Places, everyone:

1st. Python - 4k prize
2nd. Notachance - 3k prize
3rd. Timurlane - 2k prize
4th. Zarniwoop - 1k prize

Notachance, or Joey as he is better known, was not happy with these results, mainly due to the fact that he had scored thirteen kills in the competition and had come second to Python who had scored no kills and had, according to Joey, been simply hiding throughout the reset. "Fix," "Fix," "Fix!" he said :-). Interestingly, Notachance was awarded a 1k bonus prize for having the most kills, putting his overall winnings equal to Python's...

The tearoom party which followed the event was large, though apparently not large enough to convince all the players that the competition had actually ended... "Who's coming first?" someone shouted, two minutes after the awards ceremony...

Saturday 19th June 1999


17th June Celebrity Bash Report, with Rocko

"3 TO KILL IN 8 MINUTES !!!!!"

I arrived the reset before the great bash, and ready to talk tactics - unfortunately no-one else was. I tried to get the bash general voting started off early so whoever it was (it was going to be me I knew it) could sort out who goes where, unfortunately I was the only one trying to get things started it seemed. Oh well. In the pits of my stomach I had a feeling, a bad feeling: all was not right, somrthing was definitely wrong.

The bash started, something needed to be sorted out quickly. I shouted out for somone to go kill the dragon, and for the usual rag bag bunch of misfits to come and help deal with that cursed enemy, the dwarfs. The amazing powers of the wiz we call Cat made me bash general once more, to the delight of most, but not all. The was one lone voice, one man stood out, shouting abuse - apparently I have never had a successful bash. I direct you to the mobile bash chart, which clearly shows that I led the last two succesful bashes. This lone voice troubled me though, putting concern into others. This bash had to succeed, something had to be prooved.

Things started well, very well indeed. The dwarfs were soon disposed of, and the dragon cry echoed through the world like a loud echoy thing in a big echoy place.

The count drew level on 79, all was well, victory would be ours.

     In this bash, it was not only the mobiles which needed to be defeated, we had other enemies to deal with. 3 PKs were in the land, one of them I believed to be the person responsible for the abuse shouted at me. Iwill mention no names, (cough - Hence) I have ( ough - Hence) no proof (cough - Hence). As long as we keep focused on the task in hand, we could still do this.

Many died, mobiles destroyed, some personas lost, we were still doing well, yet something still bothered me. The 3 PKs? No! It was more than that. What had I forgotten? What was wrong? We were doing so well, but something wasn't right.

The count slowed down when it hit the thirty mark. The mobiles left weren't so obvious, so the usual task of finding what was left fell to the musers of the land. Then I knew what was wrong. I had said at the begining of the reset, to attack the harder mobiles first. Had they? No! The spider lived, the monastery had not been touched, the stag ,the tiger, the vampire, the wraith, all not touched. That was the thing I forgot to follow up on, I had not checked that people had killed the big stuff first, and yet, there was something more, somthing else. What could it be?

More shouts, more comands, more confusion. More abuse from the lone voice, and we were down to 3 left, with 8 mins. Plenty of time, now to find out what they were. Then it hit me: THE ICONS HAD NOT BEEN DONE, the octopus lived, and so did the baslisk.

Time passed, and more time passed, but the count stayed still. The damage was done, the rain was coming down, only one person stood against the octuspus, who unfortunately died moments before the end of the reset, and that is how it ended.

We all felt robbed, we all felt that, something so normally easy, so necessary most, 3000 points most people were depending upon, we did not recive, and I was gutted.

3 PKs, lack of organising time, lack of a barometer which we won't go in to, and a leader who has to carry the blame and resposiblity. I vow never to lead another bash. I wonder how long that will last :-).

Note from Wdi: Muddy does not necessarily agree with the views of Rocko the continuous bash general as printed in the above report (edited). The reader is asked to consider the role of a general in a modern mobile bashing environment and the current situation regarding the continual successful completion of the scheduled mobile bash events and the complacency that this has possibly led to.

And stay away from Mr T's Bins.

Friday 18th June 1999


A new version of the game has been released!

There are, of course, numerous lovely changes and additions in this new version, including a new bunch of emotive and similar commands, a whole pile of new abbrieviations and synonyms, a lot of new compact commands (the friends of GT!), the ability for houses to be PUBLIC or PRIVATE, a different uranium, the ability to look at the level of damage sustained by objects and the ability to refer to objects by level of damage, a new command (PLY) to complement REPLY, help for little people, changes to some established commands work and a really big new command, DUEL, which allows anyone (PPs too!) to fight and act like player killers. For more information on all this jazz, type GO NEW from the Options prompt.

Of course, there are lots of changes other than the ones mentioned here or listed in the mortal version of the 4E(37) changes document, but I can't tell you them as this would violate the fact that I don't know what they are.


Two sorcerer wars will be taking place in the coming week: Tommorow, Karya the melancholy witch will be hosting 'a traditional sorcerer war' where the last sorcerised guy standing wins a big piece of treasure. Next Thursday, replacing the regular mobile bash, Cat the competition wizard will be running a capture the flag (that's what CTF stands for, Quake fans) with players split - at the waist! Or into teams.

If you have already logged into the game and know about this already then good. Great. Thanks a lot...

Tuesday 15th June 1999


Tom, chief mortal organisation operative for the 10th June Dragon Bash has submitted a report of the events for your perusal (it can be found in The MUD2 Section).

This is a new news page. For more fun and frolics, read the old ones. :-)

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