The MUD2 Section

A repository for interesting articles relating to Wireplay MUD2. Old Muddy columns are now also archived here. Please mail us with any ideas of your own!

Muddy Column Archives

Muddled Times

The first three (and, apparently, only) issues of the wiz-run Wireplay MUD2 magazine. Formatted.

Danhossy's World

A small collection of surreal works by the boy Hos. Hum along to his songs. :-)

Droo's Topical Quest Collective

The updated version of the Muddy quest information page which was written by Droo when he was a mortal. These quests may still be available for play.

Fleet's Mad Ramblings

The two editions of Fleet's chat column, including the one which documented her rise to High Priestess of Tea.

Diary of a Player Killer

The diary of Flick's player killing antics! Interesting to see it from his point of view.

Mathilda's MUD2Weeks

The only edition ever published of Mathilda's MUD2Weeks, due to Mathilda making wiz the week following publication. I wish I had that sort of luck!

Interesting Items

by Maxmage

Maxmage on Explorers and searching for tricks.

Dragon Bash!
by Tom

On 10th June 1999, following the 21:00 mobile bash, the Dragon was killed by mortals in a fight (a BIG fight).
Tom talks, following the event. As easy as ABC...

Pinhead vs. Sparkle
by Droo

A log submitted by Droo the wizard of a hand-to-hand fight to the death between Pinhead the warlock and Sparkle the warlock in May 1998.

Whatever happened to?...
by Wdi

Players, long gone but not forgotten. A tribute...

Player Tales

by Anonymous

This tale fell into my hands by way of an anonymous source. It concerns Droo, and possibly, player killers in general...

Meat's Story
by Meat

Meat (short for Meat-Cleaver) was one of the first players to play Wireplay MUD2 when it was first run on the service. He was even playing when Cat the wizard wasn't a wizard! This is his story. :)

A Brief Tale of Woe From the Sorcerer War
by Paranoia

Paranoia's story of his participation in the final Wireplay Summer Sorcerer War (1998).

A Point of View
by Antman

Antman's story of his participation in the final Wireplay Summer Sorcerer War (1998)... Heavily edited. :)

Mission Improbable
by Rocko

More Rocko than you've ever seen before.

Diary of a Mank Without MUD
by Mankoid

A mildly worrying look at Mankoid without MUD. Oh dear. :-)


Joey's Fan Club Page!
by Various

Archived copy of the mortal Joey 'Fan Club' page.

Persona Name Bank
by various

A collection of names for new personae, suggested by players :)

Azzuri's Obituary of Horror
by Azzuri

This is a copy of the obituary from the reset in which Mausolus the warlock was killed by four warriors following his Highlife Clean-up Programme. And it wasn't just Mausolus who died, the other players were dropping like flies! "It's like a horror movie out there," said Azzuri from the comfort of the tearoom...

Snypster's Controversy
by Snypster

The mobile bash of 21st April 1999 involved Snypster trying to whip up some controversy by messing around with various Persona names. In his own words: "Bloody long log follows..."


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